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Lady Toza Scarlet of Leeds/Manchester

I am a mature, lifestyle Mistress in the Leeds and Manchester areas.

I have a deep passion for sensual and sexual domination. I am fascinated by the combination of sadism with erotic control.

It's a challenge and a joy (yes, I do smile) for me to gain entry to my submissive's psyche. I'm naturally a very intuitive Mistress so developing my powers of empathy over the years has come easily to me. The more I can empathise with my submissives and slaves, the more satisfying the session is for both of us.

My greatest reward is to watch you go through the spectrum of anticipation ... shock ... pain ... fear ..... and finally the dark look of sexual arousal which tells me I have you right where I want you - totally under my control until I allow your release. Or not.

I have no desire to stomp around shouting abuse at you. I don't need to. Consider a confident command, whispered up close in your ear with the threat of punishment if you disobey or you don't please me. It will send a cold shiver up your spine and bring a slow, sadistic smile to my face.

I'm not a 'cookie cutter' Mistress and I am selective about who I will session with. Compatibility and good communication means there is a better chance of having a fantastic session for both of us.


















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