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London Mistress Terra

London Mistress Terra

I am Mistress Terra, an exotic, powerful being that will bewitch you like you have never witnessed in your life. Many powerful men have succumbed to my lustrous temptation and have described me as a supreme being and a warrior princess.

My strong and lean figure will overpower yours with complete ease and I will make certain that once you are completely alone with me in my dungeon you will endure the sweet brutalities I have in store for you.

I beckon my slaves to come forward to kneel and worship you dark goddess Terra, as I have chosen you as my helpless victim to serve and please me.

I love nothing more than commanding men to satisfy and please me and cater to my every perverse whim. The mere sight of an obedient submissive victim makes my heart skip beat and my erotic lust moisten.

As I tower over your helpless body you will become transfixed by my seductive and wicked brown eyes, my long dark shiny hair, my Amazonian like physique and exotic features. At this point you will have no choice but to serve me and worship my tantalising beauty and address me as your forever goddess of darkness.






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