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The Cruel Adventuress - London

Dare you enter my dark, captivating and exciting world to see out your darkest desires? that is my question to you the slave/sub/fetishist/sissy, one that I command you to address and take action upon - yes, it may be difficult in the first instance but let me assure you that it will be for the best.

Consider me a true English Domme, with over 11 years experience in BDSM & fetish play, who loves nothing more than a sub at her heel, in her shadow and ultimately under her control, so let the games begin, why don't you! From blackmail scenarios, kidnap & interrogations, sissifications, needle/medical play, to a good old fashioned caning I indulge in most niceties - as I am sure you will find out. With extensive experience and therefore an extensive list you can see all My favourite and perverse pastimes by visiting My site.

Based in W1 dungeons I conduct sessions by the hour but recommend and prefer longer sessions and ongoing arrangements so that I may cultivate and consider you My personal project. Note that I also conduct Dinner & Dominance - a dinner date & session combination and that I am also able to travel as long as the conditions correlate with My expectations and standards.

Coming into professional 'Mistressing' as a lifestyle Dominatrix I do not offer personal services (forms of sex) or intimate body worship: perverse games & play will be all you need, trust Me on that. At Mistress's discretion slave may be afforded self relief whilst in My presence; note the 'may' and the 'self' and expect to work correctly for any such actions. Realise that BDSM and fetish play is the very essence of My practice and the experiences gained during the session time will far outweigh any impatient comforts. I excel at being strict, aloof, cunning and rather predictably, cruel, and when I've free reign over the submissive male form I assert true order and exact punishments that should find U/us at our best; should you be you and I be I.

Slaves, subs, sissies and slutbags can keep abreast of Mistress's doings by visiting My my virtual home (website) and viewing My twitter account - so do make yourself a frequent visitor to keep up with my latest news, views, happenings & photo-shoots.

On approaching Mistress make sure you have read My contact page then firstly introduce yourself and how you define eg. slave/sub/fetishist etc., secondly explain your areas of interest of play and experience, lastly suggest times/dates when you are able to meet Mistress and I will take you from there.

As a first point of contact I suggest email for a fast response however I also accept calls for same day bookings; if I do not answer then you may text to request when would be good to call.

I look forward to your grovelling and polite approach.

The Cruel Adventuress

Email: mssadiest@gmail.com

Telephone: 07482 587 098

To visit my website click www.thecrueladventuress.com



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