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London/Bristol Mistresses - Lady Scarlett

Domination is not a job, it’s my lifestyle. An inherent personality trait, with no on/off switch, which led me to recognise from an early age that I was born to have people submit to me. To exert my will and bend and mould others. It’s not a game or something reserved solely for the bedroom, my dominance drives every aspect of my life. Having someone hand over control to me is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Kind, caring and considerate but extreme when needed, and fully prepared to take you further than you dreamed possible. I will toy with your mind as well as your body. Making you fall deeper into my web of control. Exploiting every weakness to my advantage, much to your surprise. Before you know it I will be under your skin and you will crave more.

I am educated, well spoken and have a fantastic sense of humour. I am not the stereotypical domme portrayed in porn; cold, aloof and uncaring. Don’t be foolish however and think this is a weakness or that I can be exploited.

Curvaceous and voluptuous with eyes and a smile to get lost in. My unique approach will soon have you wondering at the depths of depravity you’ve sunk to.

I am an experienced lifestyle and professional Mistress who has been honing and practicing my skills for over 10 years.

I have a wide range of interests and all activities I undertake I enjoy. Ultimately an activity is about creating and provoking certain feelings and emotions to reinforce your submission and my dominance.




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