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Miss Debbie Potter of Manchester

Pro Mistress Debbie Potter of Manchester, England.

Ponder this exquisite thought, for one moment. Do you yearn to turn fantasy into reality,
with a strong, sensual and somewhat controlling woman?
Well, I have many sides to my personality, I take pleasure in being your demanding and dominant Mistress,
who utterly delights in stretching your limits . .........
I also love role-play, from making you squirm with humiliation as your bitchy boss to your displeased headmistress
flexing her cane!
Surprisingly, buried deep within me, I also have a submissive side, which I love to explore at times.
You will find me caring and compassionate, catering to nervous beginners as well a seasoned connoisseurs.
Being perceptive and switched on to your individual needs and desires, empowers me to transform your
fantasy into reality!

contact me on 07739 079559

or email potter388@hotmail.com

















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