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Marble Arch Mistresses - Arazatah

If you wish to discover my Mistress side you will find a charming seductress, a perverse dominant with an erotic and sweet approach that will tease and provoke you, reading your reactions and taking you by hand to new pleasures. To me, creating a session means creating an “out of time” place for the submissive to let go of everyday life for a while.

I am often told I’m very sweet, how can I be so sweet and yet be dominant? My style is in found in the charge between opposite poles, sweetness and domination, held together by a an erotic understanding of life and all the empathy that comes with sweetness.
I will strive in our chemistry, read your reactions and take you by hand to new places.

My dominance is reading your needs, playing and flirting with them. Are you looking to be teased into new realms of sensuality? Or maybe you need to being strongly dominated? Don’t expect an ice queen as and I will delight into alternating strinctness and cuddles. You will receive a caress when at at my leash, an hug in between a punition.

I strive to create an unforgettable kaleidoscope of physical and mental sensations out of that moment of giving in.




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