14th September spanking party with Cecilia Prim


I’ve spent a delightful summer making use of several sissies and maids, dressing them up, making them pleasant to the eye and ornamental within my beautiful home, before allowing them to serve me in any manner I see fit. Often they’ve been expected to don a uniform, before serving me tea and fetching my book, then getting busy cleaning and tidying to my own, very exacting, standards. Woe betide any sissy who falls short of Miss Prim’s ideals! Poor time-keeping or slovenly service will immediately result in skirts up, knickers down, and the swift dispensing of some painful justice!

Now, some exciting news. On the 14th September my dear friend Clara Hewitt and I will be hosting a spanking party. You can watch a judicial caning, take a spanking yourself, play spanking themed games, and watch us spank some naughty girls and boys. Refreshments will be provided. Tickets cost only £50. It will take place in Margate, from 8-11pm. Places are limited, so if you would like to attend, please let me know quickly.

In addition, if you would like to be one of our sissy maids and assist us, we can offer to transform you, helping with your hair and make up beforehand, and even provide a French maid’s uniform for the occasion. Sissy maids will pay £30 for a makeover, or £40 if they would also like to hire a suitable costume.

If you would like to see myself or Ms Clara Hewitt in action, do have a look at our Clips4sale studio:


Margate is a beautiful place to spend a weekend, with eight miles of clean sandy beaches, the world famous Turner centre, and a fair amount of tongue-in-cheek seaside sauciness!
Walpole Hotel, ( very old and elegant, )  http://www.walpolebayhotel.co.uk room rates from £85

Premier Inn ( smart and very modern ) http://www.premierinn.com/en/hotel/MARPRO/margate?cmp=GLBC from £73

Malvern Hotel http://www.malvernhotelmargate.co.uk rooms from £30

The Glenwood hotel   (cheap and basic ) http://www.theglenwoodhotel.co.uk rooms from £25 including breakfast

What a wonderful way to see out the summer!

I look forward to spanking you soon.

In the meantime, very best wishes

Miss Cecilia Prim.

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