Mistress Beth of Morecambe takes slave to new forced bi level.

dix had always been bi-curious and when the oportunity arose for him to sample an hour of forced bi fun at the hands of the beautiful TV Domme Mistress Natasha under the guidance of his own Mistress he jumped at the chance.

Of course some fun and games had to start the session of and the addition of his gorgeous leather full face hood just added to the fun.

Swinging him in the hanging basket between 2 Dommes playing ‘catch the cock and slap it’ was incredibly funny. No sight, unable to move his hands and the netting crushing his body ensured he really had no choice but to grin and bear it!

Next stop was on his knees in front of Mistress Natasha, the hood replaced with a blindfold to free his slave mouth for action, he was aroused to the point of begging to taste the penis. Apparently he was very good for a first time and took the cock willingly from the tip of his tongue until it was touching the back of his throat.

Mistress Natasha was very pleased that She didn’t have  to force it deeply into his throat not whip him to do a good job and within minutes slave dix was begging openly to experience the cock in another orifice.


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