Naughty Mistress Beth is teasing the faint hearted…..

Posted in MistressBeth on April 9th, 2013 by MistressBeth

I am currently mid plot for a kidnap session and part of the plot is the entrapment of the victim via a dating web site.

Duly I signed up for the most obvious free dating site to suit people like Me … NO NOT KIDNAPS’R'US…… silly!!!!

I have been a member for a mere 24 hours and already in receipt of 330 emails from men desperate to kneel at My feet. Wow.

What is rather worrying is the number that think addressing Me as ‘darling/luv/sexy/babe would gain them any sort of attention whereas in reality it would provoke quite a reaction in a direction they probably couldn’t cope with….

Not heard back from the chap that sent Me a cock shot and asked if I would like to get My hands on his 8 inch member to which I replied …. Nah mate it just wouldn’t be big enough to make an impression for My CBT training …… I like to get My hands on a real member……..


What do you think of the one and only photo I posted to attract such attention? A little too revealing it would seem for the country’s subs looking for a thrill.

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Required… new flesh to dress and tease…..

Posted in MistressBeth on April 6th, 2013 by MistressBeth

I am seeking a new sub who desires to be fully transformed into a sissy girl during session. To be dressed, wear stockings, wig and makeup whilst learning how to walk and talk like a girly girl. Email Me if you think it could be you.

Your size and shape is unimportant as I have clothes and shoes to fit all sizes (unless you have size 16 feet that is!!!!) I have an amazing imagination and will bring out that deep lurking secret femme within you.

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Mistress Beth of Morecambe forced a slave to take used cum…

Posted in MistressBeth on April 2nd, 2013 by MistressBeth

The thought of touching a used condom full of spunk is quite vomit inducing for some people but to others the very idea sets there pulse racing and throws them deeply into their sub space.

As a Dominatrix, collecting and frezing the samples is the first part of the excitement, pushing them into the mouth of the slave to defrost them before forcing the contents deep inside the penis by way of a sterile syringe driver is mind blowing.

Then to see it dribbling out again only to be sucked up again and reapplied deeply inside the cock…. time and time again as the slave writhes around squirming and begging as the penis throbs with excitement not knowing how long the ordeal will last.


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