severe Domination – would you like to be on the receiving end?

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It would be hard to deny that I was angry with him. The submissive. I was also angry at Myself for being a little too soft on him and not pulling him into line sooner. It was his first introduction into the scene and I allowed him far too many choices.

He had visited many times and needed constant reassurance that his wishes would be granted, many of you will read this incredulously but I did humour him until the day he ‘decided’ that the 2 hour session I had planned and disgussed with him in detail would now be 1 hour.

Not a chance. He was seriously out of line and told in no uncertain terms that I did not wish to see him again. However after 5 weeks of text begging and assurances that he did respect Me I did agree to see him on different terms. My terms.

On arrival he was denied his usual hit of poppers instead instructed to strip before being tethered with hands high in the air, blindfolded and re-educated as to the status of our ‘relationship’

‘I am not your girlfriend’ whack ‘not even your friend’ whack….. you will not bombard Me with text messages nor will you ask Me questions’ whack whack whack. ‘However you may text Me your comments such as its a nice day, I miss you Mistress, I am glad to be your property or the such but you will not, whack whack whack, send Me texts with a question within them’ whack whack.

‘ You will answer Me yes Mistress, No Mistress or thankyou Mistress and otherwise not speak unless I specifically ask you to’.whack whack whack…..

‘Neither will you make eye contact with Me without punishment or whinge about your knees sore from kneeling on them before Me ’ hit whack thwack.

‘I demand respect at all times and if you bleat out your ultimate safe word it will end your session – unlike other slaves who have enough respect from Me to be trusted with the safe system’ whack whack whack ‘this is due entirely of your abuse of the safe words turning MY playtimes into an punctuated  rainbow’ whack whack whack.

‘However your desires will be taken into consideration as long as you continue to realise that I do not NEED you …. you NEED ME, you are dispensable and I am not’ thwack whip, whack.

Feeling better after laying the ground rules down the session continued in a pleasant way – Me continuin to punish and humiliate him and him doing exactly as he was told.

He was hog tied and tormented, his discomfort obvious throughout. The steel chastity device holding his manhood away from his body.

He was a horse trotting on all fours around the dungeon whinnying, riding reigns in his mouth. How I laughed.

This I followed by securing his hands to the st andrews cross in an incredibly uncomfortable position – a foot of the floor,

bent him into position and rode him with the strap on toys like a randy farm hand taking advantage of the milking maid…..

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I want you to become mine in mind body and soul …Mistress Beth

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Someone recently asked Me what I want from a collared slave and just what the slave relationship means to Me. Well…………….

I want you.

I want you to be mine.

I want you to *show* that you are mine, submissive to my every desire. Mine to do with as I please, to say yes as a good little boy should say to his Mistress, and never say no. To agree to whatever I want, whatever experiment, whatever position, whatever whim I might have in mind for you. I want you to agree that *my* pleasure is paramount, the end-all and be-all of your existence, and far more important than your own, to give me what I’m not getting elsewhere in the tedium of my life.

I want you to kneel naked before me, heels under your buttocks in that way you know I like, the way that spreads your ass cheeks just that little extra bit, making you hyperaware that your asshole is mine, too. I want your knees splayed wide, too, displaying the penis and balls dangling at the apex of your thighs–and that penis had better be hard; it’s disrespectful to be limp in front of your goddess.

I might want your hands clasped behind your back at the base of your spine, or I might want their fingers laced together behind your head, but either way, they will be out of my way, as you keep your head down and your shoulders back, displaying your chest and the nipples standing sentry there. You will not look up at my face, my breasts, or even my bottom unless I give you permission to; you are not worthy to gaze upon them without my will. I am a goddess, and you will show your devotion to me in the manner that pleases me best.

I want every inch of your body cleaned when you present yourself like a gift to me, scrubbed from head to foot, including behind the ears and between the toes. If I want you to wear cologne or perfume, I will let you know, but I do *not* want to smell your sweat until you’re bound and chained, and writhing in the ecstasy of the pain I can and will bestow upon you. I do not want to smell that stale cornchip odor on your feet, and I don’t want to smell stale urine on your cock—no, on *my* cock. If you are kneeling before me, submissive, then everything that was yours is now mine, and your penis is the most personal gift you can make. It will be mine.

Your armpits are to be shaved. This goes right along with the command that you must smell sweet and clean. So must your testicles. If I want hair on your ballsack, I will let you know, and give it time to grow. I want you to worship me.

I want, when I extend my foot, the lowliest part of my goddess-like body, for you to bend over and kiss it. To lave my foot, whether it is in a tennis shoe, a sandal, a boot, or barefoot, with your tongue. To worship it, to show that you willingly place yourself under my heel, conquered by your own devotion to me, so that I do not have to exert myself if I do not want to. I’m tired of fighting all the chauvanistic assholes out in the real world, just to claim my rightful place, career, and paycheck out in the real world. When I come home, when I come into your home, I want my birthright as a living incarnation of Mother Earth, the Goddess, to be acknowledged the moment I open that door.

When you lick my bare foot, you will not neglect to suck on my toes. I want to feel your tongue working the tender skin between the joints, and a soft, reverent kiss placed on my instep. I want to feel your lips worshipping my ankles, and if I’m in a good mood, the muscles of my calves. Especially if I’m wearing heels. I do not wear heels for my own enjoyment, slave—remember that! If I wear heels, it is for two reasons; to make my already shapely legs look fantastic, and to grind the heel into whatever part of your body I’m displeased with. High heels hurt my feet, and they make my calves tense with the need to balance, so when I give you permission to salute my feet and lower legs when I’m wearing heels, I want you to show how much you appreciate the time and effort I’ve taken to wear them in the first place.

My knees are another point of worship; if I give you permission to rise as high as them in your  devotions to my beauty, do not assume I will let you move on to my thighs. My knees are weapons against the dick-headed jerks of the world who think they can grab a woman’s ass in the workplace and get away with it. Many a woman’s knee has slammed into the groin of a man who thought he was better than her, simply by virtue of his genes. My knees can be used against you, if you displease me, so I want you to kiss them. I also want you to offer to do anything that requires kneeling, so that I do not have to bruise or otherwise sully them with menial labor. Scrubbing the floor, the toilet, wiping down the cabinets, mopping up spilled drinks, picking up broken glass, weeding in the garden, putting dishes away in the lower cupboards—anything that would cause me to have to bend down on my knees should be your job, and your place in the world. Remember to keep your own knees spread. Your thighs aren’t allowed to touch your cock, except maybe when you’re lying down, or you have to walk.

My hands must be worshipped, for they wield the whips that are your punishment and your reward. From my hands comes your damnation and your salvation. I can slap you, or I can caress you. Most of the time I want you to behave; I would much rather have you do my every bidding…but if you like, or sometimes, just sometimes if I like, I will use them to hurt you. To take out my frustrations on, when you disobey me beyond reason. Never more than you can take; that is our bond, that I will test and find your limits, and work within them. But if I am interested in expanding those limits, then that is the task to which I will set my goddess’s hand.

I want you to fetch my toys, when I’m ready to play.

I want you to know exactly what tools and toys I can use on you, at any time, according to my whims. I want you to know exactly where I keep my flogger, my paddle, my red and black whip, my cat’o’nine, and my horsewhip. I want you to keep them cleaned and oiled, and lined up neatly in their special place. I want you to keep the handcuffs polished, the chains free from rust, and the dildos sanitized and squeaky-clean. You will be responsible to making sure my favorite vibrators have fresh batteries, and that the tubes and jars of lubricants haven’t run out. The collars and cuffs will be kept ready for your disciplining, and the weights, clips, and clothespins will be kept dusted and oiled, unless I’m in the mood to hear the little springs squeak as I pinch them open, right before applying them to your flesh. That flesh had better be willing, too. I will not waste my time for long on someone who will not do as I say.

If I’m in a good mood, you might be allowed to bring what I want on your feet, carrying them in your hands. If I’m not, you may have to carry them in your mouth, on all fours like the dog you males often are. If I want them brought to me like a dog fetching the paper for his mistress, then you are not allowed to drool on the floor. If I want to suffer that kind of housekeeping aggravation, I’ll buy a real dog. You will not be allowed to leave teethmarks on my favorite toys, either. That will get you a whipping; these things are expensive to replace, and are my favorite toys to play with, too. Keep your knees apart whenever you stop! Just because you are shuffling around like the dog you are doesn’t mean you’re allowed to hide my penis from me!

You are not allowed to struggle until after you’ve been bound. I will give you a safeword, one that is all your own, because I am a kind Mistress, and what we do is mutually consentual—I will even be generous, and allow you a non-verbal safeword, shaking your head with vigour in case I’ve got the ballgag strapped in your mouth too tight for you to get the regular safeword out. But do not use it unless you feel you’re absolutely in danger, because if you need punishing, I will punish you, and if you need your horizons expanded, I will expand them for you. That is the job of a Goddess, to take Her servant outside of himself, until he reaches that place that is outside all of us, that nirvana where pain becomes ecstasy, and self merges with the power and the glory of the Other.

I want you to be grateful, whatever I do.

Every time I whip you, I expect you to be grateful, even if I am punishing you for a serious transgression. I do not have to wield my whip against you; I can walk away. It is because I care about you, because I want you to be good, and to know the place the universe has slated for you, that I will discipline you, for your sake. “Yes, Mistress,” “Please, Mistress,” and “Thank you, Mistress,” are the three most important things for you to say. “I adore/love you, Mistress,” can be the fourth one, but only if you mean it. I hear enough lies from the idiot I have to deal with outside these doors; I don’t want to hear any from you.

If you commit a crime against me, if you disobey my commands, or deliberately ignore my orders in favor of some other, lesser chore, then I would far rather you admit your transgressions and take your punishments, which will be reasonable, than lie to me and have me later find out what you have done. If I find out you lied to me, disobeyed me, made a mockery of your service and worship to me, I will have only two choices: to punish you as you have never been punished before—and as you know, I can be very cruel and inventive when I am angered…or I can walk out on you, and leave you alone. Worthless, shameful, unowned and unloved.

No other Mistress will cherish you as much as I do.

Oh, yes, I do this, all of this, out of love for you. If you went looking for another Mistress, I cannot guarantee that they would know and love you as I do. They might not care that you don’t like certain fetish practices, or that you think scatophagia (shit-eating) is as repulsive as I do. Another Mistress might beat you so hard, you’ll be permanently damaged from her brutality. I alone can guarantee the control I have over my own actions, and the concern I have for your ultimate safety and well-being.

Other Mistresses might not know that you like cumming on yourself, that you like it when I encourage you to try and hit your face with your spunk. They will not know just how long you can go between orgasms, or the way you like having the extra-fast vibrating bullet strapped to my favorite cock, especially when you’re wearing the leather ball-separator and the tip of the vibrator is nestled between them, in that special little spot that makes your eyes roll back in your head as your reward for being very, very good.

No other Mistress will understand you as I do. Nor understand the dynamic between  pain and pleasure. You were supposed to keep your knees apart. Fetch me the horsewhip, so I can teach your inner thighs a red-welted lesson. They will stay apart, and you will not be allowed to cum, no matter how sweet the pain and the pleasure may become. That is my will. After all…

I want you

I want to own you completely.

If this has opened your eyes to a possible relationship within the boundries of Professional BDSM then email Me

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pushed to the very edge of submission for Mistress Beth

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Susie is as you all know collared. This does in many ways remove the need for a safe word but from time to time she seems to feel the urge to shout them out all the same…….

It does get difficult to continually find new challenges for a slave and to push the limits in a safe but terrifying way.

Last weekend though I took Susie to and beyond the edge. She is terrified of any tool that uses electric, the violet wand, electric tens, power pads so the thought of the recipricating saw was out of this world to her.

Anyway strapping her tightly to the bench which I had her move nearer the mirrored doors I ensured she was fully hooded as I prepared her, spanking her to and beyond pleasure, teasing her, using sensory deprivation mingled with sensation play until I felt the vibes of submission ooze from within her, making her glow like never before. Every touch sending powerful feeling throughout her body. Teasing her anally with little treats ensuring her Mistress slot was keen to please Me.

Then I got out the saw, placed the smallest dildo in place and removed her hood. ‘Keep your eyes shut tightly susie’ I commanded and when I was in position in full few of the mirror she was told to open her eyes and look up.

If the sight of Me in My thigh high boots and short red leather dress was enough to cause her a sharp intake of breath then the sight of Me holding the massive tool in both hands telling her she was mine and was going to take it was quite the thing to cause hyperventilation within her slave body.

All the while I had a bullet vibrator strapped down the legnth of her shaft as the piercings held the latticework to keep it tightly against her. Powerful vibrations thrashing her penis.

I took her. As simple as that. Burrowing the dildo deep inside her I adjusted the speed and depth along with the stroke length until she was completely withered.

Many times she cried out the safe words and each time I soothed her and told her she could take more – her eyes displaying her fears but her body accepting the continuation of servitude.

Eventually I allowed her release and she exploded like never before. Unstrapping her I cover her in a quilt and rocked her back and forth as the subspace overwhelmed her, tears forming and speechless she just drank in My affection and rocked back and forth, returning back to the real world.

I am proud of you susie. You have pleased Me immensely.

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Mistress Beth forces a CD to submit to Her whims

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What a wonderful playtime Natasha and I had experienced over the weekend. A regular slave of mine brought to the dungeon to experience the torment of 2 Dommes.

He was stripped, fully inspected as he stood naked before us and then not only handcuffed but was forced to the floor, hooded in a hood that afforded him a little glimpse of reality through some small spy holes, with his arms bound behind his back as both his legs were adorned simultaniously with barely black thigh high stockings.

The plan we had discussed briefly was thrown out the window as the double domming took over and dictated his fate. . . .

Electrics, anal toys, ropes, whips, chains and breasts were used on his slave body as he sank deeper and deeper into submission. Ropes held his legs wide apart whilst electrics were applied to his testicles, the shocks beating him from the outside as he practically floated in his sub space before us.

Mistress Natasha rested Her very clean shiny boots upon his chest as She worked – he had of course been made to lick them clean at the start of the session and did so with vigour – all the way to the top of the crotch high boots – he had indeed worked hard.

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cock and ball torture by Mistress Beth – poor sissy

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I so enjoy it when a sub can not hide his embarrassment from Me. Take this one for example. Tied, tethered and helpless and yet look at the state of his cock.

Even having to restrain it with chains as I attempted to bash the life out of it with a crop. What a great time – It rapidly progressed into total bondage to ensure that the helpless feeling overwhelming him was indeed at its peek.

Knee spreader bar, chains, ropes, hood, hands tied tightly behind his back, pretty little corset clinging to his slave form….. yes I think that will do the trick – what do you think?

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sjambok punishment for slave harley the pain slut – Mistress Beth of Morecambe

Posted in MistressBeth on June 29th, 2011 by MistressBeth

I have had the sjambok for many years. It was imported from abroad and held a prize position in the dungeon. After a short course on self defense I knew that I could take a man twice My weight down with 4 moves rendering him unable to stand up so it served a purpose.

A purpose that was until the day I decided to use it on the hardiest pain slut of all – harley. 

The sjambok is a fearsome piece of equipment, designed by the african police to keep control of crowds when the police were vastly outnumbered byu rioters. It has to be able to gain control quickly and efficiently in a way that would create and maintain fear in the generations instilled with stories of the ‘bad times’ by grandparents. Its 5 foot long with a bulbous handle to grasp and a safety strap to keep a good grip of it in use.

harley was ready and willing to take the punishment and as a hardened pain slut her bottom was tough enough not to split. There is nothing she enjoys more that a good caning. The twack and crack of the cane sending her pleasure centre into overdrive so the sjambok would deliver a similar stroke but multipled immensely.

How she purred as the pain bit into her flesh. I must have delivered 50 full blows before declaring she had received enough from that particular toy. If you look at the lines on her left hand side you will see just how much control I had over the weapon of choice. 

I bet you are pulling a face and saying ‘ooooooowwwwwccccchhhhh’ right now.

Hats off to harley.

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newbies have nothing to fear when contacting Mistress Beth of Morecambe

Posted in MistressBeth on June 28th, 2011 by MistressBeth

Many newbies have read these blog pages and been filled with terror that I will be far too severe for them. There is no need to worry – I will take you as far as you can go comfortably. I don’t judge or laugh or consider you pathetic for not having the stamina and pain thresh-hold of a long term slave.

Play need to begin gradually and be built upon over time.  When I agree a session I want to know what things in the blog pages have had your mind racing with thoughts of ‘that should be me’ and those that just feel wrong.

Generally I put together a taster session for the first meeting where you will be introduced to a few different aspects of play. I test your ability to accept pain and issue you with a set of words that will allow you to communicate effectively as a slave.

After many years as a Dominatrix I have the ability to read your body language and understand where you are at and act upon it. Many of the feedback reports mention My ability to judge a slaves limits and back of just as he is on the verge of using the safe word.

Tell Me what is in your head – I want to know. Nothing will shock Me I can assure you. Even though you are paying for My time I will not play act to a script – all sessions unfold naturally and your ‘list of likes and dislikes’ simply allows Me to make judgement calls easier that to go in blind. If you ask for 5 things to happen in session maybe 3 of them will and 2 things that you weren’t expecting but find that you enjoy will occur along the way.

Pain is a strange thing. No-one should really like pain as it is the bodies way of protecting itself from harm. Its a lucky person that can transform the feelings and emotions that pain sensors create into those of pleasure. There are many different types and levels of pain. Someone squeezing your penis a little firmly with a leather gloved hand could be seen as pain but to experience it could be heavenly. Keep your mind open.

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Consentual blackmail – just how far can you take it? Mistress Beth of Morecambe

Posted in MistressBeth on June 27th, 2011 by MistressBeth

Occasionally in life you become bored with what you have. You need to push yourself further, to achieve more, gain success. What happens when there is nothing left to give you that buzz?

Agree to be blackmailed. All those feelings of adrenaline cursing through your body as you just don’t know what your blackmailer is capable of.

She has everything she needs to know from home addresses, bank statements, photographs and intimate details of your life that you would only share with someone VERY close to you. Why she can even discribe how you like to make love and climax.

What is there to stop Her from phoning your wife and making her believe that you are having an affair? After all the paper trail for the perfume, flowers and gifts are all in place – leading right back to the blackmailers door.

How can you stop it once it has begun? Simple, give in to whatever demands she makes of you or risk losing absolutely everything your life currently contains. It may have seemed boring and dull but without it where would you be?

I do offer My consensual ‘victims’ a safe word but its not to be used just because playtime isn’t as funny any more. Its only to be used when you are on the point on mental breakdown, complete meltdown.

One of My blackmailed sluts thought that he could just press the ‘off’ button recently but will now be living in fear of disclosure – not only as a fetish wearing cross dressing slut but as a cheat and a liar to his family. He knows My terms – I intended to review the situation in 6 months time and if he wants out then he will have to pay one way or another.

What would you do? Go to the police and look somewhat silly because everything you asked for is happening? Confess to the family – but then that leaves work and the sort of job you do would seal the deal on  if you could continue with any level of respect when photos have been circulated. I would of course be happy to see the ‘victim’ face to face to assess the situation and its validity but as far as I am concerned everything is going to plan and this bank holiday weekend will see his nerves on edge wondering if I shall pop up anywhere at all – what if I were to ring the home phone number and chat to the wife on a subject I know she is fond of? Worm My way into  their home and befriend her. The stakes could become very high indeed.

I am not a greedy person – I’m just doing the job I am being paid to do and if redundancy is required then a tidy farewell package is required.

Who wants to be living on a knife edge wondering if the next Ms Brown to book an appointment at your office is indeed Me????????

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A severe thrashing by Mistress Beth of Morecambe

Posted in MistressBeth on June 26th, 2011 by MistressBeth

meg has a high pain thresh-hold and a body that heal quickly without scars so a damn good judicial style punishment was required.

After a good warm up and some nipple play I thrashed him as he dangled from the ceiling in full view of the mirror. I do enjoy it when a slave tries to avoid the inevitable – thrashing a non mover would be like the fox just sitting still on a hunt… no fun there!

I prescribed 72 lashes which would be given by way of canes, riding whip and crops. He begged for mercy – I don’t do mercy so instead allowed him a little time off from the whipping whilst I traced the whelts with the spike roller……….

Then back to the job in hand – not bad work eh? Don’t think he will be a bad boy for a few weeks….

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Mistress Beth seeks a new sissy to dress and play with

Posted in MistressBeth on June 25th, 2011 by MistressBeth

I am seeking a new sub who desires to be fully transformed into a sissy girl during session. To be dressed, wear stockings, wig and makeup whilst learning how to walk and talk like a girly girl. Email Me if you think it could be you. Your size and shape is unimportant as I have clothes and shoes to fit all sizes (unless you have size 16 feet that is!!!!) I have an amazing imagination and will bring out that deep lurking secret femme within you.

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