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Brighton/Bristol Mistresses - Madam M

You will address me as Madam M, and come to know me as so much more. This can be considered your first instruction. Learning to address me correctly is a crucial first step, and as you read on, you will soon learn all you need to know about what makes this Mistress different from the others.


We are all a culmination of our combined life experiences, they make us who we are and give our lives context and meaning. Once you know how my inner Domme was created out of those experiences, you will understand what drives me, and can then ascertain how well we will work together. Finding a good fit is so important for both of us because when that chemistry is right, there is seductive magic that will be unique for both of us.

My areas of interest are based around Corporal Punishment, Humiliation, Forced Feminisation/Cross Dressing, CBT, Role Play and Foot Worship.

?However, as you will see when we meet, I enjoy a wide range of play.

My contact details are as follows:

Tel no: 074831 27880

Email: [email protected]



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