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Gloucestershire/Bristol - Mistress Silver

An intelligent, playful and enchanting Mistress

Petite and curvaceous, I am an authoritative yet playful and sensual Mistress. I take true delight in controlling your passage into the magical space which lies beyond the mundane. I am earthy but ethereal, carnal yet supremely innocent. I administer pain with charm and at my discretion disarming pleasure. I am deadly serious and quick to laugh. Previously a resident mistress at the House du Croix in Bristol and with a decade of experience, I now session at a domestic setting in Gloucestershire and a private and beautifully equipped dungeon also in Bristol. I enjoy a wide range of kinks and fetishes which can be found on my website www.silvermistress.com

I invite you to join me on a journey into the transgressive and the transformative.



[email protected]







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