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London Mistress Countess Anastasia

I am the Mistress “Countess Anastasia” a professional life-style Dominatrix white Russian, where they still believe in the strict discipline of “mind and body”. I am a stunning slim fit petite blonde of grace and beauty. Honour & respect me as I demand & you may tribute, worship, and obey me. I will tease, punish, and humiliate as I please.

I will be the mistress of your mind and body, and you will serve me without reserve. You will be dominated and humiliate at my pleasure, bondage and torture are my tools, but my words will cut the deepest. You will be cursed & humiliated in my Russian mother tongue. You may not understand the words, but you will know the meaning, and you will shiver at the ferocity of my insults.

Financial domination & life-style slaves are welcome.

Are you Uninitiated or Inexperienced?:

As well as hard-core dominations, I cater for the new and uninitiated, for your mistress can be kind as well as cruel. You will be properly trained in how to obey and serve and how to get pleasure from your submissions.

For those who like a sophisticated approach I can enact domination role plays including outfits. These are soft to medium-hard:

Russian School Teacher: Soft. I… am the sexy schoolteacher that you always wondered what I was wearing under my dress, so sexy but so strict. You... are a very naughty little boy, you will be teased & punished.

Sadistic Office Lady: Medium. I… am the sexy pretty girl at your office who takes control to get a job done and I am a sadist. You… are a stupid weak man who can’t do his silly little job properly. Do it now, do it right or suffer the consequences.

KGB agent interrogation: Medium-Hard. Can include financial domination. I… am a Russian KGB agent who is going to bind & interrogate you. I will humiliate you & torture you, I may water-board you…. I will mainly speak Russian. You… are a snivelling coward who will tell me every-thing, betraying your family, friends, and country, but you will learn to love your Russian controller.

General Domination – Soft to Hard: Worship at the altar of my fine haunches, be humiliated for being stupid, be embarrassed because of your silly small cock, dress up as a cissy girl, piss your pants, be tied up, whipped, trodden on, or just lick my feet... So many things I may do to you, and all at MY will. Which of these the punishments do you desire? all or just one? I will deliver you from your desires and you will leave my care a satisfied & relieved man, richer for the experience, but poorer in your pocket. Pay me well you shall, for that is ‘my’ pleasure, spending your money, while you worship me under my heels. x

No Sex at All.

I am not a sex escort, I do not provide sex acts or services. I respect those that do, but I don’t. You may, at my discretion, relief yourself when the time comes, but I will not assist you in any way and you will not touch me, except maybe my feet.

You should now understand that I am stern but fair Mistress. I am also very selective in who I see. Be completely subservient when we make contact & maybe I will let you serve me. I normally meet in discreet London hotels and may at times do out-calls to your hotel (for a higher tribute).

Dungeon: I use several fully equipped dungeons in the central London area. Meetings must be arranged at least 24hrs in advance. This tribute is as an outcall booking plus you must pay the cost of the dungeon hire in advance (it is around £60 ph).

Cuckold: Cuckolding can be arranged with my male lover. You will sit and watch as your mistress, who you worship and desire but will never ever have, will be stripped naked, aroused, and franticly fucked “every-where” doing ‘everything you can imagine’ to bring pleasure to my partner and him to me. Maybe we will both laugh at you trying to wank your pathetic sad little penis, or perhaps we will just ignore you, as if you were not there…. This must be booked 24 hrs in advance, is double the normal tribute and a deposit is required.

Parties and Clubs: I am also available for party and club events. TOI

Location & Tributes: My principal incall location is Euston. Tributes are from £250ph.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07526413697 - Messages and WhatsApp received. Unexpected and anonymous calls will be rejected.

See you soon x





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