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London Mistress Daria Dia

I am a creative London hypnodomme and professional dominatrix, fascinated by My passion for dominating your psyche as well as your body. Depending on My mood I gravitate between My innate sadistic streak, and My stern yet playful dominant side. I might also render you next to nothing, solely for My amusement.

As a certified, practicing hypnotherapist, I'm drawn to exploring the odd workings of the mind. Not surprisingly,
predicament play, role play, erotic hypnosis, and other modes of mindfuckery are My passion and expertise when it comes to intensifying your submission, sensory experience, and the overall energy during play.

Authenticity and genuine connection are integral in My personal and professional life. My interests vary and change over time, but I won't do something that I don't truly enjoy, as that will spoil the darkly magical and delightfully torturous energy I want to create.
Consequently, I am very selective about whom I meet ( and I hope you are too).
Before getting in touch, do read My website carefully to see if we are compatible. If we are not, a session will not take place.

If I consider you worthy, we will session in one of the best and, well equipped dungeons in central London.

I do not offer same-day bookings. Book at least two days in advance, or ideally, a few weeks in advance, like most of My play things, who I meet on regular basis.




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