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London Mistress - Goddess Penelope

Hello slave, I'm Goddess Penelope, Professional Dominatrix and Content Creator from London England.

I am very fun, imaginative and playfuI. I’m very fit and always look immaculate. I see Myself as a fetish and kink enabler – allowing you to be the person you want to be and helping you to explore parts of life that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to – escaping the stresses of the real world. Whether it’s with My words or My actions, I adore having men give themselves to Me. There’s just something about a grown man on his knees willing and waiting to feel the wrath of what I’m going to do to him next – whether it’s the sharp sting of a slap, worshiping My divine perfect feet, a kick to the balls or humiliating words.

I love creating fun scenarios that will leave you wanting more. Teasing and breaking subs/slaves is My forte, there’s nothing that delights Me more than making you suffer for My joy, – this may be painfully or breaking that poor little ego of yours (probably all of those tbh!) showing you who’s Boss, and hearing you say ‘Yes Goddess’, you’ll be saying this lots in a session with Me. I love humiliation and love to laugh A LOT, this sound will become addictive and triggering for you, like a little reward.

07557 045 318

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