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South West London Mistress Raya

Mistress Raya. A Thai Malaysian Mistress in South West London

I have always been interested in the naughty aspects of life and sexuality. I love to do anything I'm not supposed to do. I learned early on that I had

the power to make men feel any way I want, and I enjoy using their desire to interact with Me for My benefit and amusement. While My extensive

experience has made Me an expert Dominatrix, it is My innate ability to understand the needs and desires of My play-partners that makes Me an addictive Mistress. It is My pleasure to expose and exploit your desires, seductively maintaining control of you at all times.

My goal is to provide the best experience possible for everyone involved. This is sometimes achieved by conducting activities that are new to you;

so try to be as open minded as possible. While I will consider most fantasies, I expect to be treated with respect at all times.

You can enjoy a wide range of Sensual Massage and BDSM activities with me.

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