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London Mistress Willow Neptune

I am an exclusive, long-established London Mistress who is one of the small elite of Top World Dominatrices.

I am Mistress Willow Neptune and I am a london based, playful and sadistic succubus who will make your dreams and nightmares come true simultaneously. I am queer, kink and fetish friendly as I am non binary Myself and session with all genders. My main interests include pet play, pegging, impact play and sensual fetishistic worship. I offer a full spectrum of experiences from gentle praise in a pet play orgasm control scene to cruel humiliation and discipline in a heavy caning scene. I wish to practice shadow work with you in the form of BDSM. For this emotionally charged ritual style of play I feel it is only appropriate to session in a dungeon setting. I look forward to being served by you.



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