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London Mistresses - Domina Psyche

I am Domina Psyche. (@dominapsyche) Native Londoner and premiere practitioner of the darkest arts of eros.I have been a professional mistress for three years, but I am genetically an alpha female and a naturally sadistic but sensual domina. 

I particularly enjoy psychological domination and use my crisp high-class accent and sensual depth of tone to ensure my subs surrender to my superior whims.

I am also more than competent with my selection of whips and paddles. It should be understood that pain is an exquisite pleasure and that I am an expert in its administration.

I also have a huge selection of strap-ons and toys for anal training, from the delicate – a prostate massager, which is possibly my favourite to an incredibly intimidating, slinky silicone beast of a thing mistress is also very good with her latex gloved hands....  I enjoy inducting newbies and entertaining myself with more experienced assgasm addicts. 

All my sessions are bespoke and always tailored to the requests I receive and be assured I will push you to the edge of your deplorable limits and then just that little bit further.Mistress wants to give you access to the subspace that you desperately crave.
Mistress wants you to crawl into her DM's...

Contact me, posthate... To discuss your imminent submission




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