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Professional Dominatrix London Mistress Sandra

My history
I was born in Eastern Europe and I have lived in England for a decade now. Moving to London has given me the opportunity to explore and grow my dominant side. Rest assured I am very fluent in English as a second language as I have been learning since I was 8 all the way to my bachelor degree in International Relations. After all as London based Dominatrix English language is very important for communication when you are coming for a session. I am a well-educated articulate lady, high class, stylish with great sexual sense of humour. I started exploring BDSM in early 2010 and after lifestyle play, guidance from fellow professional Dominas and expertise books. Even presently I still constantly strive to learn more and more about the craft.

The London Dominatrix
The closest event that I can pin point to how I started my journey as a Dominatrix comes back to when I was in my early 20s and was introduced to this amazing world back in eastern Europe by my best friend at the time. She was a few years older than me and had a vast experience not only in BDSM but also other aspects in life, she was a highly sexual woman and became a bit of a mentor to me and I had carried on this path when I have moved to London. Like most things I am a strong believer that BDSM should be a fun and playful time, not the strict and cold approach which some fellow mistress use. Using my sexuality and understanding the psychological aspects to submission is rewarding and also a very important part as my job in Femdom. I am certainly a woman that knows what she's doing and how to deliver it. Not called a professional Dominatrix for nothing or just a lady that holds a whip and all I do is inflict pain on people like a lot have that misconception which is absolutely wrong. I love learning and developing my skills as a pro dome on a regular basis and well as health and safety. Sessioning with a Dominatrix like me is a luxury and so is the tribute reflecting what I am worth along with London's high cost living. So be prepared before applying.


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