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London Mistresses - Ms Eloise Ryder

Perhaps you have an idea of what a London Dominatrix is like.

Maybe you picture Her cruel and aloof, clad in latex with a whip in hand? She's merciless and hard, interested only in your suffering.

I want you to forget those ideas - stereotypes are dull aren't they, darling? And I am a Dominatrix like no other.

Enchanté. I'm Eloise Ryder, but My submissives call Me Mistress. Like all the best things in life, I've always defied expectations. I fuse the traditional with the alternative and the beautiful with the unexpected - a neon pink English rose, if you will. Over the delightfully debauched years I've been a performer, a muso (from Front 24 to Philip Glass), an academic and a kink educator. Now, I'm a highly-regarded London Dominatrix, with over 10 years experience in this world. I'm skilled, intuitive and passionate, with a particular love of very good boys who follow My instructions to the letter. Perhaps you knew Me before as Governess Elizabeth (and if so, lucky you).

But I'm a very long way from that cliche of a cold, cruel Mistress. I'm a romantic and a pleasure seeker, and delight in getting lost in a shared fantasy. As a result, My style is sensual and teasing - because what is kink if not play? My sessions are filled with laughter and lightness, rather than the dark gloom of a dungeon; I don't see these things as contradictory to My power. On the contrary, I come alive in the space between strength and softness - because even the pinkest rose has thorns.

As an Elite London Dominatrix, I seek substance and singularity over the generic and cursory. I build deep, intimate connections with truly dedicated submissives, ones that flourish over time through desire. I guide those who serve Me on a journey of discovery, with each step different to the last. Increasingly, it's the psychological aspects of domination which thrill Me the most, as they allow the space for this deep power exchange. Let Me into your head so I can learn how you tick. I want to be seduced through your surrender, to delight in your gradual unravelling.

I'm found in London and also on celluloid, having recently rediscovered my love of film. Are you ready to begin? An introduction to Me is an introduction to your truest self.


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